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From great speeches to intellectual stimulation, our podiums and easels give you the flexibility to deliver the message no matter what it is.

Colour and white brightness levels of 3,600 lumens ensure amazing picture quality with ultra-bright images even in strongly lit conditions.

One HDMI port with 4K resolution support for connecting a variety of media streaming devices including Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and more (each sold separately), so you can easily share movies, series, conduct Zoom video conferences, and more.

One PC VGA input port, one USB port, and one D-Sub port let you pair desktops, USB flash drives, and monitors with ease.

Built-in speaker delivers high-quality audio output, so you won’t have to pair any additional audio setup to the projector.

You can hook a Mac or a PC or even a Chromebook to this projector. The computer must have a VGA or HDMI output. For computers without VGA or HDMI output, it may be possible to use an adaptor between the computer’s USB-C/Thunderbolt port (if it has one, not included with projector) and HDMI cable.

Reserve yours today for your next function and put that special touch into your special event.